Earl Dalton

Jackson, Calif.

In his own words

My goal is to qualify for the year-end championship in whatever I fish. I like to know that I am able to be out there and compete with everyone. I am a fun-loving, good person out here to compete and have a good time with the people I fish with. I love the camaraderie and being around all the people I love. This is our family away from home. That is one of things that I love about the Rancheria team. It really unifies us as anglers. It makes everyone feel good, even when someone isn’t doing as good, the rest of the team gives that guy a little pick me up. That’s the camaraderie of fishing that I love.


2004 Kentucky Lake FLW EverStart Championship co-angler runner-up, APEX Tour qualification, spearheading the Jackson Rancheria Fishing Team, 10-pound, 2-ounce personal best California Delta largemouth on a red Rat-L-Trap

Behind the Angler

Earl grew up fishing the rivers, streams, and ponds in Northern California. At 16, his uncle – Bo Marks, and friend Tony Fox – arranged a trip to Pardee to throw spinnerbaits for smallies. Earl’s been hooked since then. His first tournament event was as a co-angler in 2001. He moved to the front of the boat for the FLW EverStart in 2005.

In the Boat

Bass Union jigs, dropshots, ChatterBaits and small swimbaits are go-to’s for Earl. Another must-have is a lucky fishing hat, which may or may not make it through the season before it is swapped for another – depending on just how lucky it is. He runs with multi-brand electronics – Humminbird and Lowrance.


  • Jackson Rancheria
  • Bass Union jigs
  • Gamma Fishing Line