Thomas Kanemoto

Thomas Kanemoto

Apex 2022

2022 Apex Cup-Angler Profile-Thomas Kanemoto

In His own words:

I am a Christian, God-loving guy. I have an awesome family – wife and two little boys. I love fishing and I love my work in the industry. Working for P-Line, we have had guys fishing APEX’s first year. I’ve been talking to them about it, and they’ve been telling me about how it is growing fishing on the West Coast. As a kid that grew up fishing, this is important to me. It is a really cool opportunity to be a part of growing fishing; but not just fishing, I want to be a part of growing the outdoors, in general on the West Coast. I travel the United States for my job, and I see how dedicated the East Coast or the Southeast is to the outdoors. When I am there, I can see it seems like every single college angler has a boat; but here, it’s hard to find a college angler with a boat. I understand financials, but at the same time, it’s because their parents and people around them are in tune with the outdoors. We don’t really have that here. If APEX can help get there or be a step in getting there, it will be awesome, and I want to be a part of that. My brother and I have a YouTube channel – The Bass Hookup. We post about two videos a week. It’s just another way to bring fishing and the outdoors to people. 


Elk Grove, Calif.



1 boat win, 13-pounder at Clear Lake, first place finish and big fish at a team tournament at 8- years-old with his dad, APEX qualification

Behind the angler:

Thomas’ father and uncle were tournament anglers. Growing up on the boat and watching the adventure, fostered Thomas’ love and passion for the sport. After graduating high school, he and his older brother became team partners. They claimed a top-5 in their first event and were hooked. This past season was his first full season in Pro/Ams.

In the boat:

homas had a finesse fishing foundation until he and his brother turned their focus to the Delta. When you live on the Dirty D, frogs and punch rigs become a mainstay as it has for Thomas. He also goes old school with ProWorm Leeches on a split-shot. He also carries every pound-test and type of P-Line, 1st Gen Top Spins, FlashX Swim Jigs, Jaw Droppers, and a wide variety of prototype lures for 1st Gen.


P-Line, Beckman Nets, 1st Gen Fishing, Stealth Stixx Rods