Phil Dutra

Phil Dutra

Apex 2021

In His own words:

My faith and my family – my wife and three kids – are what is most important to me. What you will see of me is who I am. I am a high-energy guy and am super-excited about tournament fishing. When you see me on the water, that will show. There is only one first of year of anything and I am looking forward to being part of that inaugural year with APEX. It will be a higher adrenaline situation, with no practice and no info and I feel that will challenge me as an angler to be quicker to think and to adjust. I will have to figure ‘em out better, catch ‘em faster and execute to excel. I see APEX as a good stepping-stone from fishing the normal west coast tournaments to the B.A.S.S. Elite Series, which I am aspiring to do in the near future. I look forward to fishing against a more specialized, higher profile, elite-type of competition.


Antioch, Calif.


2021 APEX CUP Lake Camanche Champion

2011 Anglers Choice Delta Pro/Am champion

2012 runner-up Delta FLW

2013 WON BASS Delta Pro/Am champion

12 top-10 Pro/Am finishes

9 Delta team Angler of the Year titles

Behind the angler:

 Phillip’s father started his general interest in fishing. Growing up, Phillip spent weekends on his grandfather’s houseboat on the Delta, used a float tube and walked the banks. As a teen, he was further inspired by his first job at a tackle store, which transitioned into another position at a bass specific tackle store. That move was the slingshot for him into bass fishing at the age of 17. For the last 17 years, he has spent 150 to 200 days a year on the water.

In the boat:

Like many Delta locals, Phillip’s favorite method to target bass is punching; however, his versatility gives him confidence in all types of presentations. He is a self-described junk fisherman and doesn’t rely on only one bait or lure. His lockers hold gear for all techniques, all lures and possibly a rod and reel from every company there is.


Toxic Baits, Bobby D’s Custom Baits, Arbor Wealth Management