Matthew Saavedra

Matthew Saavedra

Apex 2021

In His own words:

As much as I want to win every tournament, as all fishermen do, I value the great relationships and friends that I’ve made being in the sport. I’ve learned so much from older generations, such as my mentor Bill Townsend. I understand the importance of what he and others before me have brought to the sport – their professionalism, wisdom, support, and critiques. I want to live up to that standard. I am thankful that was shared with me and grateful when I am able to share with others. It’s a great return on investment when someone comes up to you and thanks you for showing them a knot at a sport show. You never know what people will remember. Paul Bailey said something to me years ago and I never forgot it. He said, “if you’re going to throw a dropshot for four hours and not get a bite, why didn’t you just throw a swimbait.” That philosophy has stuck with me on learning new techniques. Sharing wisdom and experience keeps the sport growing!


Redding, CA


Cashed in his first-ever tournament on his home lake Shasta. FLW top-10 on Clear Lake and Mobile Delta, Forrest Wood Cup qualifier, top-20 in the 2008 Forrest Wood Cup.

Behind the angler:

Mat started fishing as soon as he could hold a pole and fished every little pond that held anything from perch to bluegill. His venture into
tournament fishing kicked off in his mid to late-20’s. He feels fortunate to have qualified to be invited to APEX and to be able to be a part of APEX, while watching the series grow into something special.

In the boat:

Coming from Shasta, Mat cut his teeth on plastics, calls swimbait
fishing fun, and refers to himself as a junk fisherman. He throws reaction year- round and will have always have it on board. His boat is full of Spiralite Custom Rods and Daiwa Tatula reels, spooled with P-Line (braid and fluoro). He carries Osprey swimbaits, his own handmade spinnerbaits, Nails by Frenzy Baits, Mother’s Finest Worms, Z-Man TRD’s. From summer to winter, foul-weather to flip-flops, he is ready with Simms apparel on board.


Coors Banquet, Lucas Oil, Costa, Simms, Frenzy Baits, P-Line,
Mother’s Finest Worms, Keitech, Liberty Physical Therapy, Spiralite Custom
Rods, Boster Roofing, Saavy Power Solutions