Hunter Schlander

Hunter Schlander

Apex 2022

In His own words:

I have a family and am a hard-working almond farmer. I’m just trying to grow as a person and in my fishing career to see where it is going to take me. I have a lot of drive and want to achieve as much as I can in a short
period of time. I have a lot of respect for what the older anglers have done, and I look up to them. As a young angler, I am trying to make something of myself. APEX has a lot going on and a lot of exciting things to offer. It’s not just another tournament. It is a different platform that the West hasn’t seen before. There are a lot of good anglers that have qualified. A lot of guys that could probably fish all over the world and have a good shot at winning big tournaments and I look forward to competing against them.


Modesto, CA


Delta FLW champion, several top finishes in western Pro/Ams

Behind the angler:

Hunter’s fishing life began on a small pond, near Tulloch
Lake, when he was about seven-years-old. Later his father bought him a small boat and they joined a bass club. They then moved up to a 20-footer, when he was 17, and that sent Hunter to his first Pro/Am, a year later. A top-five finish in
his inaugural competition set his tournament life in motion.

In the boat:

Frogging is Hunter’s top technique and Spro frogs are his first pick to tie on. He prefers to throw topwater and target grass. His go-to’s presentations are ChatterBaits, frogs, buzzbaits and punch rigs.


C & C Marine, Vexus Boats, Lowrance, Power-Pole, Mercury Marine,
Bass Brigade, Daiwa, Powell Rods