Vijay Malhotra

Sacramento, CA

In his own words

I have been an entrepreneur with my own business since I was 18. I am very outspoken and patriotic. I love my family. I love the outdoors. My life is work, family and fishing. Competitiveness draws me to tournament fishing. The APEX support of the West Coast is what draws me to this organization. We didn’t have anything out here like this and now we do thanks to Wild West.


Domination at the 2014 Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge with 31-pounds for four fish, runner-up Clear California Tournament Trail Clear Lake

Behind the Angler

Vijay’s first catch was a catfish in the first grade. He didn’t pick up a rod again until he was 24-years-old. One day, he went to Fisherman’s Warehouse and bought a Fenwick GT spinning rod, Shimano Sahara, and plastic tackle box. He started fishing ponds and reading Keeping the secret that he was a total newbie, Vijay teamed up with a partner to compete in the World Rookie League. His cover was blown at the first event, but it didn’t slow him down and now he has made up for lost time..

In the Boat

Froggin’ is his top choice to target bass. He fishes all brands and
uses different ones for different applications, including a River2Sea Bully Wa and a Booyah Pad Crasher. He also uses a variety of rods, including Loomis, Dobyns and IRODs. They hold Daiwa Tatulas, Shimano Curados, Cronarchs and Lews reels.


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