Luke Johns

Folsom, CA

In his own words

I am an Eagle Scout, and it means a lot to me. It is a great
thing for kids to get into. That experience has helped me with a lot of different things. The invite to APEX came as a shock. I fished the WWBT College Series and won entries into their Pro/Am’s on the Co side. I asked if I could change over to the Pro side. I wasn’t sure I was fully ready to go pro, but it turned out to be a great year and I qualified for APEX. I’ve always wanted to be able to fish
professionally, but to be able to compete at that level, especially in the west coast scene is very exciting. I believe it is possible for anyone to get to a level like this, if
they want to; but it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. That means a lot of things have to come second, like hanging out with friends. But that doesn’t just go for fishing. It goes for anything that you want to be good at.


Wild West Pro-Am 1st Place New Melones 2020, Wild West Pro-Am Angler of the Year 2021, Apex Pro Tour Spartan 580 Champion 2022, Apex Pro Tour Championship Folsom Lake champion 2022.

Behind the Angler

Trout fishing the Feather River with his grandfather was Luke’s intro to sport. As he grew older, Google Earth searches pointed him to water for pond fishing. He saved for a boat and hit the lakes. He initiated a high school club and started fishing events. That took him to the Pro/Am’s

In the Boat

Although he says punching is a more fun method to tempt bass, Luke enjoys the finesse approach, especially a dropshot.


  • Yamamoto Baits
  • Better Bench
  • Bill Lewis
  • Garmin
  • Buck N’ Bass
  • Picasso Lures
  • Next Gen Lithium
  • C&C Marine
  • Sunline
  • RB Bass