Jason Bradshaw

Sacramento, Calif.
Sacramento, Calif.


In his own words

I am a family-man. I love my family dearly. I am a standup guy. I have a sunny disposition. I like hearing that I am a good angler; but what people think of me, doesn’t really matter. I don’t really fun fish anymore. I am either pre-fishing or tournament fishing. As fishermen, for years, we’ve done the same thing – fish the season and a championship at the end. I like that APEX is trying to do something different here in the West. It is an avenue gives anglers a legit shot at making this a profession and a viable business with TV exposure, interviews, podcasts. It helps anglers showcase ourselves, and our partners. That’s huge!


TOC Qualifier and Champion in his first year at club level as a non-boater, club level non-boater AOY, 2012 Shasta Pro/Am win, top-10 qualifications WWBT Pro/Am – all highlights as stepping stones to APEX qualification

Behind the Angler

When Jason was five-years old, he happened upon fishermen at a local pond. After quizzing the anglers about their catches, one of them gave him Jason first fishing pole. That week, his father purchased his own rod and that set them off on their fishing adventures. Growing up watching weekend fishing TV, further engrained his excitement for the sport. Later as an adult, he joined a bass club in 1998 and that was the start of his competitive fishing career.

In the Boat

Jason always has a lifejacket in his boat. 


  • Dobyns Rods
  • Buck N’ Bass
  • Mercury
  • Morrow Surveying
  • 2M Locating
  • Fizz A Fish
  • Boatmasters
  • Snap-On Tools