Garrett Bradshaw

Oakland, Calif

In his own words

It’s all about the hard work in this sport. I’ve put a lot of money and a lot of time to reach this level and it’s all about the hard work. Growing up, my #1 angler was Bobby Barrack. I was always rooting for the hometown hero. It is a pretty cool feeling to think about gaining a fan base of my own sometime.


Wins in team events, memories with his dad

Behind the Angler

Some of Garrett’s earliest memories are fishing with his dad – being picked up from school with the boat in tow ready to chase fish through the Delta tides. Garrett’s father was the one to spark his interest in tournament fishing with his first event at 12-years-old through the Hook, Line and Sinker. His move to Pro/Ams occurred in the past two years.

In the Boat

Frogs are Garrett’s first choice for lures. He enjoys throwing them year-round and doesn’t necessarily put them away in the colder months. Snag Proof and Terminator are his go-to brands.


  • Rapala, VMC, Sufix, Terminator Frogs, Bass Cat Boats, Boatmasters, Discount Tackle