Daniel Shelton

Kelseyville, CA
Kelseyville, CA


In his own words

When I was eleven, I met Jimmy Houston at the local tackle store, and I asked him what did it take to be a professional bass fisherman. Stay in school, study bass habits and be really good at your terminal stuff – knots, casting was his response. So, that’s what I did. Growing up in Bakersfield their wasn’t much water to fish so in my front yard. From a young age I would practice my casting from many targets such as buckets, trash cans and the trees, all kinds of situations and angles. I love this sport and bass fishing. All I have ever done is bass fishing, my whole life. In 2021 I came up short as an APEX qualifier and wanted to better myself for the next year. I just started a guide business on Clear Lake and thought APEX would be a good way to promote that. I have that drive.  I want to become a champion.


14-9 oz personal best

Behind the Angler

At two-years-old, d=Daniel got his start fishing for trout with his dad.  By the age of 10, he fell in love with bass fishing from the bank. He went on the hunt for trophy bass. In 2014, he began fishing as an amateur. Shortly, after that, he moved to the front of the boat.

In the Boat

In the Boat: Daniel Always has Senkos and a jerkbait onboard. His number one passion is big swimbaits and he carries several of those.


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  • Lake County Tree Service
  • Clear Lake Outdoors
  • Eternal Lithium Batteries