Cliff King

Ione, CA
Ione, CA


In his own words

I work in Law Enforcement and fishing is a huge stress reliever from my job. I live in a small town called Ione, in Amador County with my loving wife Blossom. She is my biggest supporter. I have two children, my daughter Brittany 25 and son Colby 22. I was humbled when I won the 2021 Won Bass California Open when I realized I was able to give my winning boat to my son who shares my passion about Bass fishing. Talk about emotional!!

I am truly excited to fish APEX because I feel that the format favors my strengths with the ability to make the top 10 on fish catches as a finesse fisherman. Bass fishing is my passion and I am grateful and honored to have the opportunity to be fishing alongside the other APEX Anglers who are truly some of the best around! Having APEX on the West Coast is a game changer especially for us working anglers who are unable to travel on the East Coast giving us an opportunity to do what we love while fishing at the highest level.


2021 Won Bass California Open Champion on Clear Lake winning Cash and a Boat

2x Team Angler of the Year Titles

3x Top-10 Pro/Am Wild West Pro/Am Finishes

3 out of 5 Money Winner at Won Bass US Open on Lake Mead

Behind the Angler

I began fishing when he was 10 years old for bluegill at a local pond in Southern California. I knew at that young age that I was hooked for life! I started team tournament Bass Fishing at the age of 20, fishing as a professional angler in 2016 with my first tournament at the Won Bass US Open on Lake Mead finishing 17th. I have fished the Wild West Team circuit for 4 years, 3 of which happened to be with his son Colby King. Cliff has also been fishing the Pro/Am’s with Wild West for 3 years and has 3 top 10 finishes.

In the Boat

I consider myself a finesse fisherman and is definitely one of my strengths. I also love to power fish when the conditions are right. You can always find a dropshot with a Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook on the deck of my boat. You’ll also find a FattyZ on either a Blade Runner Shaky Head or a homemade poured Ned Head. Also, tied on at all times is a G-Money Jig with a creature bait style plastic.


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