Ken Mah

Ken Mah

Apex 2022

In His own words:

When I’m done fishing, I want to be known as somebody who made the industry better and help people be better anglers. I want my legacy to be known as the best ambassador of the sport. I want people to say, “he was a great fisherman, but he is an even better dude.” I want to be what my mom and dad raised me to be, which is a good human. Yes, I want to compete and yes, I want to win, and I know I’ve talked about none of those things, because being that good human is more important than any of that and that is what I strive for.
I am excited that the anglers in our region finally have something to qualify for with APEX. Beginning in 2022, anglers will have to qualify for APEX through the WWBT. That step-up qualification is something we never had here in the West. Competing on lesser-known fisheries, that don’t normally have these kinds of tournaments, is going to be another new challenge.
I am honored to have an opportunity to be on the ground floor of APEX and to build something that 10 or 20 years down the road, newcomers will know I was a part of. That is truly a personal accomplishment. Building APEX is like when Bassmaster built the Elites. Everyone thought they were crazy with mandatory boat wraps and jerseys, getting rid of co-anglers and all the other things they did. Looking back that is absolutely what professional bass fishing needed and it became the model of what top tier organizations do. Down the road, APEX will be the Bassmaster Classic of this region.


Elk Grove, Calif.


30 top-10 finishes APEX, WWBT, MLF, and WON BASS,

8-major  wins

WWBT Championship Champion

APEX Championship Champion

Behind the angler:

Ken’s memories date back to his five-year-old self, fishing with his father, for striper, bluegill, and bass. His competitive tournament career started at the age of 19. You can follow Ken on FB and IG @kenmahpromotions

In the boat:

If Ken can find a shallow squarebill bite and have a flipping stick in his hand, it is a dream day of fishing. He stocks his boat with G. Loomis cranking rods and G. Loomis flipping sticks with Shimano reels. The G. Loomis GLX 954 FPR paired to a Shimano Cronarch MGL XG spooled with Sunline and a Big Bite Baits YoMama is his preferred flippin’ gear. For his squarebill, he opts for the signature design of a fellow former Delta local, Mark Daniels. It is the Bill Lewis SB-57. He throws it on a G. Loomis NRX 893 JWR. Lowrance Electronics and his Ghost trolling motor, Power-Poles add to the must-haves on Ken’s boat.


Dish Network, Elk Grove Ram, Mercury Marine, Vexus Boats, Top This Outfitters, Genesis Graphics/Autoworks, Jim’s Pro Bass Tackle, ComforTroll, Lowrance, Sunline, C & C Marine, Bill Lewis Fishing, Buck N’ Bass, Fisherman’s Warehouse