Jason Austin

Jason Austin

Apex 2022

2022 Apex Cup-Angler Profile-Jason Austin

In His own words:

I am a family man. I love my family. I love my country and I love the Marine Corps. I love to fish and hunt. I love the competition of fishing, but I don’t take it too seriously. I don’t let it get in my head. I believe that when you’re in a tournament, everything happens for a reason. For example, if I get a snag, there’s a reason for it; so, I just roll with it. Maybe that put me behind or slowed me down just enough to make the timing right for the next fish that’s going to eat. I believe you can and should make good things happen out of the bad on tournament day. That is the mindset I take with me into competition. The competition is part of what attracts me to APEX. It is the best thing we’ve had on the West Coast, and I am happy to be a part of building that. I look forward to fishing against the elite anglers of the West. I want to be part of something that grows the sport in the West. Of course, I want to win a couple of APEX events; but as a personal goal, I want to be part of passing it on to the next generation.


Ione, Calif.


Boat win in ABA Team Championship, the best part of fishing for Jason has been being able to spend time with his family on the water


Behind the angler:

 Jason has fished with his dad as far back as he can remember. His tournament life began in high school when his dad’s friend was looking for a partner. Once home from the Marine Corps, Jason teamed up with his own dad to resume tournament action.

In the boat:

A flippin’stick, football head jig rod and a frog are staples in Jason’s boat. He prefers to tie on Spro frogs and Big Bite Baits or Yamamoto plastics. He always has spools of P-Line on board as well. A peek underneath the compartment lids may also reveal a truck or tractor that his grandson left behind.


Dish Network, Accell Marketing, Torch Eye ware, Hookd, Salon Envey, Sierra Tree Specialists